Hundreds of powerful tools, one platform.

Workhall comes with hundreds of features that can be customized for any work needed—with more added every week. And they're all free, forever.

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All the fundamental tools you need. Completely customisable.

Workhall contains all the fundamental tools you need to automate your work experience and make it more efficient. Our minimalistic approach makes sure that your dashboard isn’t cluttered by any complicated feature that you won’t use.

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Customizable Tasks

Create simple to complex tasks and assign them either to yourself as a reminder or to others. Task management has never been easier.

  • Design dynamic tasks using custom forms

  • Customise who you assign your task to

  • Sort through different types of tasks

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Data Lists

Store all your organizational data in unified datalists. No more cumbersome filling of excel sheets or long searches down the columns of multiple documents to find some information.

  • Store all your data in one place

  • Extract data dynamically using custom searches and filters

  • Customise what data to show in the dashboard

  • View data in the form of charts, tables and graphs

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Automate your company’s procedures with ease, view the details of the procedure every time it was run, and assign ad hoc tasks to users regarding the procedure.

  • Create powerful procedures using custom forms

  • Customise your procedure dashboard

  • Track all aspects of procedure workflows closely

  • Assign ad-hoc tasks to users

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Collaborate with your peers by more than just chatting. With Workhall you can dynamically assign them ad-hoc tasks, review their work, and create commonly shared datalists with them.

  • One-on-one personal chats

  • Common spaces for groups to interact

  • Assign tasks to each other and follow up

  • Invite users to complete a procedure

  • Create datalists and share them

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