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Workhall is a BPM (Business Process Management) software that lets you automate your workflow. Using Workhall, you can organise all your work in one platform. Our major features include tasks, procedures and data lists

Workhall can be used by everyone - managers, developers and other employees in an organization. The features in Workhall also empower people from different departments to automate and coordinate their work - be it IT, Finance, Marketing, Design or just about any other.

Workhall empowers you to automate your work and work virtually. You can build your futuristic workspace with ease using our no-code, visual interface. Further, our excellent customer support and community is always around the corner to make sure that your Workhall experience is smooth

No. Workhall is a ‘no-code’ platform which means that there is absolutely no coding involved. To build different features in Workhall, you simply need to assemble visual blocks like you would build a puzzle.

Learning how to use Workhall is easy. To begin with, Workhall has a simple and intuitive interface which is easy to understand when you use it just a few times. Apart from that, you can refer to the Workhall User Guide for any additional clarification.

One of the best parts of Workhall is that it is simple with the most basic features that will be used by you. This makes it easy for you to get familiarized with the site and get to know all aspects of it when you use it a few times. Thus, learning how to use Workhall is no complicated task and can easily be mastered within a week’s use.

Yes, you can book a demo with Workhall. To do that, simply reach out to us at Our team will then reach out to you to arrange for a demo.

You can contact Workhall by sending us a mail on

Yes you can add a new user at any time. There is a specific feature in Workhall that lets you manage users- including adding and deleting them. Anybody with an admin account can do this.