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Workhall has all the magical tools needed to transform your workplace and give it a futuristic edge. We make your work simpler, quicker and more efficient.


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Our Benefits

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No Code

That’s right! You don’t need to be a coder to build the bricks of your digital workspace. With our no code-technology, everyone is a developer now.

Drag-and-drop components

Our easy to use interface with drag and drop components makes building procedures and datalists as easy as assembling pieces of a puzzle.

Metrics Dashboard

A real time metrics dashboard to track procedures and task, view how the users perform different functions and see where workflows are stuck. Makes managing a cake-walk.

Privacy and Security

Storing all your company data in the same place does not necessarily mean that everyone can access everything. Workhall’s security settings let the admins decide who gets to access what data.


Collaborate with your peers by more than just chatting. With Workhall you can dynamically assign them ad-hoc tasks, review their work, and create commonly shared datalists with them.

Different personas

Workhall is for all - those who overlook all the business functionings, those who create different procedures and datalists, and those who only use the created procedures and datalists.


Automate redundant procedures and save time.


Ditch your tons of long excel sheets and store your data using our unified datalist feature.

24/7 Customer Support

Our team is always here to help you out with any queries or concerns you have.

User Stories

Workhall is the one-stop solution to create and maintain tasks, procedures, and data. It is more productive and easy to use. The excellent feature is that it automatically displays all possible charts/reports out of the given data. Nudge features in tasks help me remind people to complete them. I enjoy working on Workhall. Kudos to the team.


Vaishnavi Jairaman

Administrative Assistant - Vuram

Moving out from sheets to system based products and developing our own procedures, workflows and automating our day-to-day activities have been incredible with this product. With such an incredible user interface, ease of work, creative freedom and even without a pre-development background, one can create their own requirements in this tool in no matter of time.


Sujitha Menon

Sr. PMO Administrator - Vuram