Transform how you do work. The future of work here.


With Workhall, this is how you can change the way you work

Stay Organized

Build your own tasks and procedure so you can work at will. Make use of our procedure templates to automate advanced procedures with ease.

Keep your data a click away

Data is part and parcel of how we work today. Compile these data in our data lists and access them with ease from anywhere. Our integrated data list feature lets you pull in necessary data from data lists to procedures and tasks as and when required.

Stay Connected

Excellent Work is built on collaboration and co-operation. With our chat policy, Organisation policy portal and mobile app, you can now teamwork from even remote places.

Learn from insights

With Workhall, you don't just work, but you can also observe how you work, analyse it carefully and learn better about your own working style. Our reports, performance metrics and bottleneck detector tools help you maintain an oversight of your work

Work like its play

Work done with passion feels like play. And work done with passion yields the best results. That's why we use gamification tools like Workhall profiles, tags and points to challenge you and motivate you to work better and achieve more.


What Workhall brings to you

Workhall has all the magical tools needed to transform your workplace and give it a futuristic edge. We make your work simpler, quicker and more efficient.


Transform how you work

Take your company from rustic and manual to futuristic and automatic with our digital transformation tools.


Automate your processes

Automate all your organization's routine procedures. This way, you can now spend less time on context work and focus better on your core tasks.


Store your data in unified datalists

You no longer need to toggle back and forth between multiple long excel sheets to access important data. You can now store all your data in our Datalists and retrieve information dynamically using filters and custom searches. Information was never more accessible than now.


Build applications yourself with no code

Building applications has never been easier. With Workhall’s no-code advantage, you can build your company's applications yourself - without any knowledge on coding!


Collaborate easily

Make collaboration more effective by creating teams, assigning ad-hoc tasks, coordinating on procedures and chatting.


This is the future of work.


Assign reminder tasks to yourself as well as to others.


Automate procedures, monitor the workflow, and assign ad hoc tasks.

TaskImgdotsData Lists

Store all your company’s data in one place; retrieve them dynamically; view data in the form of charts, tables, and graphs, add notes, and assign ad-hoc tasks.


Chat with other users and foster collaborate.


Customize your tasks and procedures

Customise assigneesCreate custom formsConfigure form fieldsOptional email notificationsCustomise privacy settingsCustomise dashboard dataMultiple viewsCustom searches and search filtersResolve CommentsTask ChecklistsSortingTask ChecklistsFilter and Search

Personalise every corner of your digital space.

Create custom forms, customise security data, configure your dashboard data, and choose your preferred view.


How Workhall can help you?


Enhance Teamwork & Collaboration.

Teamwork makes for great work, and we cherish that so much here at Workhall. That's why we have a special feature just to create teams and foster collaborative works.


Get a bird’s eye view of all operations.

Workhall's dashboard feature lets you gain a bird's-eye-view of all operations. You can keep track of procedure workflows, know who is working on what, how many times a procedure has been run, and where the workflow is stuck. Managing workflow is now a breeze.


Organise your work in a single platform.

Have you ever found it really annoying to toggle between multiple apps to work, store data, and collaborate? Don't worry, the pain ends here. With Workhall's all-in-one platform, you can perform all your digital work activities in one place.


All businesses are not same, power to you to build what you need.

We know that no two office spaces are the same. That's why Workhall empowers YOU to build your own workspace. Our multiple options and customisable features makes sure that you can build your own procedures, data lists and tasks to suit your needs.


Your softwares no longer need to be build by software engineers.

Yes, you heard that right. Our no-code platform with drag-and-drop visual blocks makes sure that anyone can automate using Workhall. You don't need to know how to code to build your own functions.